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International rueda de casino competition, June 24-25, 2011, The Netherlands

Rueda de casino competition

It is with a great pleasure that Dias Cubanos 2011 invites you to first International rueda de casino competition held in The Netherlands.

Rueda de casino is considered as one of the highlights of Cuban salsa dance style and its popularity has spread across the world thanks to its group spirit, high tempo and   never-ending variety of synchronized moves and combinations to be created.

One of the most important goals of the festival Dias Cubanos is to spread knowledge and increase awareness about Cuban dances and Cuban culture. As organizers, it is our mission to do our utmost best to make sure that each participant will experience an authentic immersion into the beauty of the Cuban culture.
On the other hand, we also would like to give you the opportunity to make your own contribution not only by attending the festival but also by actively showing off your best rueda moves and sharing your love and support for Cuban culture within the wide international network of what Dias Cubanos can be proud of.

To attend the rueda de casino competition the team should consist of four (4) to eight (8) couples and each team shall have 180-210 seconds (3 to 3½minutes) to execute their routine. A complete guideline and rules will be soon available on and will be emailed to all the applicants.

The competition is open to everyone however pre-registration is required and should be received not later than May 15, 2011. Please be aware that for this first edition 16 groups will be allowed to attend the competition: first arrived, first served!

Please apply or inquiry for more info by emailing at

We look forward to your rueda!

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When Aries dances, it’s always with the type of energy typical of this



Far from being the proverbial bull in a china shop on the dance-floor, Taurus can be a sensuous dancer.

Dancing comes naturally to the Twins, and any dance will do, Gemini.

Cancer, is naturally very rhythmic in the dance moves he or she will choose to the official

Leos almost always calculated to draw attention to their corner of the dance-floor.

When it comes to Virgo and dancing, just think Michael Jackson; creativity and precision, with always perfect timing!

Librans love partner-dancing as it fits in nicely with their ideals of harmony and balance

 Backing off and turning away, only to rush back again, exactly as they do in their relationships.


 Aquarian! Water-bearers see themselves as being too special to simply copy dance-styles

   Pisces, and, as a  truly  romantic soul, their emphasis in dance will be the flow between one partner and the other.

Cancer, being a water-sign, is naturally very rhythmic in the dance moves he or she will choose. Crabs really get into the music

Leos are show-offs, so when they dance, it’s almost always calculated to draw attention to their corner of the dance-floor.

Any dance that lets the Archer move her feet in a way reminiscent of walking or running will fulfill the Sagittarian’s wandering soul.


Dancing for the Goat is a matter to be approached with the same seriousness as studying for exams.



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